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2018 LCRA Conference Presentations

  • Radiation Changes
    Presenter:  Charles Wood, MD
  • Common Coding Gremlins and The Power of Defensive Abstracting
    (Presentation)+(HandoutPresenter:  Lisa A. Pareti, BS, CTR
  • Promoting the Use of Registry Data in Your Hospital Based Cancer Program
    (PresentationPresenter:  Chryl Corizzo, RN, BSN, OCN
  • An Update on Immuno-Oncology
    Presenter:  Vince Cataldo, MD
  • A Review of Prognostic and Predictive Factors for Major Cancer Sites
    (PresentationPresenter:  Frederick L. Greene, MD FACS
  • AJCC 8th Edition Staging Challenges for the Cancer Registrar
    (PresentationPresenter:  Frederick L. Greene, MD FACS
  • 2018 Grade Coding Rules
    (PresentationPresenter:  MeiChin Hsieh, PhD, MSPH, CTR
  • A State Perspective: Saving Lives with Population-Based Cancer Registry Data
    Presenter:  Lauren Maniscalco, MPH
  • Cancer Genetics: Risk Assessment and Testing
    (PresentationPresenter:  Duane Superneau, MD
  • Update on Breast Cancer Treatment and Staging
    Presenter:  Mindy Bowie, MD
  • Louisiana Tumor Registry Data Quality Awards and Remarks
    Presenter:  Xiao-Cheng Wu, MD, MPH, CTR
  • CoC Survey Preparedness: Making Your SAR Bulletproof
    (PresentationPresenter:  Courtney Jagneaux, RHIA, CTR

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