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2017 LCRA Conference Presentations

  • Inside Scoop 2018: What We Know Now (Presentation)
  • Coding Boot Camp: Take-home quiz (Presentation)
    Final answers and presentation to be posted after conference
  • Efficient Abstracting (Presentation)
  • Breast Surgery – Procedures and Proper Coding (Presentation)
  • Identifying Target Areas for Cancer Control Activities
    in Louisiana through Geospatial Analysis (Presentation)
  • 2016 Data Items & Coding Pointers (Presentation)
  • LTR Data Quality: Re-abstraction Audit Results (Presentation)
  • Bridging the Gap: RQRS and Data Sharing Open
    Discussion: How Can We Help You? (Presentation)
  • CoC Workshop: Common Survey Deficiencies
    CoC Round Table (Presentation)

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