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So far, we have received 12 presentation handouts for the LCRA Conference. These speakers have graciously volunteered their time to prepare their content, and as busy professionals, we are all familiar with procrastination. Additional presentation content will be sent out as it is received, but please still feel free to bring note-taking materials for the presentation sessions during the Conference.

Monday’s Presentation Handouts:

Overview & Updates of Gynecologic Malignancies | Evan Smith, MD
Unmasking LTR Requirements & the DQI Report | LTR
What’s New at the Zoo for 2023 | Denise Harrison, CTR
Working Together for Complete & Timely Cancer Data | Lauren Maniscalco, MPH
Screening & Introduction to Breast Cancer | Everett Bonner, MD, FACS, FSSO
Abstracting Nuances with Hematopoietic & Lymphoid Cancers | Denise Harrison, CTR
The Role of Insulin Resistance in Cancer Development & Prognosis | Beverly Ogden, MD

Tuesday’s Presentation Handouts:
*Breast Cancer Overview | Mindy Bowie, MD
Cancer Registrars Detective Adventures | Kathy Dunlap, CTR
Covid-19 and Cancer | Xiaocheng Wu, MD, MPH, CTR
Prostate Brachytherapy | Charles Wood, MD
*Treatment & Management of Colorectal Cancer by Stage | Scott Daugherty, MD
Marketing the Cancer Registry | Frederick Greene, MD, FACS
Current CoC Accreditation Standards | Frederick Greene, MD, FACS

*Indicates presentations not yet received.